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The Stonewolds – Part One

Betwixt the shadowy Great Wyrding Woods to the North and East and the serpentine River Corven to the South and West lie the untamed rocky hills and deep, Fey-haunted forests of the Stonewolds. In the deep-time of prehistory, tribes of Humankind arrived from afar and built settlements on the grassy peaks and wooded valleys of the land.  The tribes of settlers came to call the land they had settled the “Stonewolds” due to both the sooty black stone found jutting out all over from the rich soil and the vast tangle of wooded hills that stretched across the land.  

The tribes that established homesteads and farmed the land used the black stone to build their homes and settlements, and the stone came in time to be known simply as “Woldstone”. The stone was plentiful, but it was hard and difficult to quarry and it took much time to master the craft needed to shape it. Occasionally, travelling parties of hunters would be climbing the wooded hills near their settlements and would come across strange and eerie artifacts made of Woldstone by unknown hands in some forgotten era of the past. These enormous blocks, standing stones, and crudely arranged stone circles emanated a subtle kind of energy that could be felt by those sensitive to such uncanny magics. The folk in the newly built settlements of the Stonewolds would see the hilltop monoliths and stone circles aglow with an eldritch light on certain nights of the year and their shamans and priests would warn the settlers to stay barricaded in their homes and keep the hearth fires burning bright until the dawn lest some ancient evil descend upon them from the unholy Woldstones.

Woldstone Ritual

The Stonewolds Preview

The Stonewolds is a fantasy setting complete with darkly enchanted woodlands, monstrous creatures, alien entities, folk-horror elements, and twisted faerie magic. Designed for both modern and old-school d20 fantasy role-playing games.

More to come soon…..

They say foul things of Old Times still lurk
In dark forgotten corners of the world.
And Gates still gape to loose, on certain nights.

Shapes pent in Hell.

  — Justin Geoffrey

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